Cultivating The Compost Heap

A compost heap is basically rotted down food scraps or organic rubbish used in gardening to fertilise soil. In Neil Gaiman’s MasterClass on writing (the Art of Storytelling), he encouraged viewers to gather sources of inspiration through the apt metaphor of the compost heap. “And I think it’s really important for a writer to haveContinue reading “Cultivating The Compost Heap”

Making The First Mark

Ideas are the seeds of creative imagination. The things that we do in service of an idea generate new ideas, and the process goes on and on. And sometimes we fail and have to start again. Shaun McNiff, Trust the Process (1998) These seeds exist in our minds and its partnership with the physical qualitiesContinue reading “Making The First Mark”

Choosing The Medium

Ever so often, I shall challenge myself to explore/master a new art medium. If readers have any experience in any of these media and would like to share tips, insights or have ideas for me to delve deeper into, feel free to reach out! In the coming months, my medium of choice to experiment withContinue reading “Choosing The Medium”

Setting Intentions

The goal of this website is to allow creativity to flow without judgement or expectation – to trust the process and share this journey. Prima Materia serves as a base to cultivating my visual, reflective practice. Hopefully, it inspires you to take that “dangerous (albeit exciting) leap” toward a creative practice for deeper insight andContinue reading “Setting Intentions”